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The SolarQuest® Data Monitoring and Power Management System offers an integral view of solar electric power production and consumption.

Information collected by the SolarQuest® Data Monitoring System is made available directly on the Internet. Authorized users may request any portion of their data with their web browser, accessible 24 hours a day world-wide.

Basic School System

The basic SolarQuest® system for solar schools is an affordable approach to data collection and display predicated on accessible sensors built into standard inverters, based on an internet connection utilizing an existing PC available at the school.

This solution consists of a CD with scripts and instructions to convert locally generated data into a format that is compatible with the SolarQuest® database and graphic display, and then transmit the formatted data to our web server. If your energy hardware is not standard and you do not have in-house capability to convert files from your data logging source into our database format, then for any given hardware specification we will customize an interface to the SolarQuest® database for an additional one-time charge.


  • Inverter enabled to retrieve data from its on-board sensors. This may include a device to be attached to the inverter as well as PC software supplied by inverter manufacturer. (Other user-supplied sensors and data loggers may potentially be used.)
  • User PC, preferably Windows 2000 server, with internet connection.
  • Connector (e.g., serial cable or other) between PC and inverter (or inverter data device).
  • User installation and configuration of inverter retrieval software and automated scripts provided by SolarQuest®.

Standard setup including 1 year of online data display service $500 in large volume
Database management and online display service (pre-paid annually) $20
per location per month
Custom interface (call for estimate)

Advanced School System

The advanced SolarQuest® system for solar schools consists of complete custom installation of energy and weather monitoring equipment plus the always-on automated data service utilizing SolarQuest® online graphic and tabular displays.

Training and curriculum materials are also available.

Please call for quotation based on site survey.

Remote Telecenter System

The SolarQuest® Remote Telecenter monitoring system consists of a standardized, integrated, modular Power Hub and Sensor array, a weather station, a local network server (PC), and internet access via wireless or satellite telecommunication. This equipment is included as part of a complete hardware, project management and training package based on active student participation during the installation process.

Standard Specification:

  • Power Hub and Sensor Array
  • Obvius Data Logger
  • Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station
  • Industrial PC with internet connection
  • Installation Manual (available in English and Spanish)
  • Installation and Training
  • SolarQuest® online data display program

See overview including cost summary.

Please call for additional details.

Commercial System

The fully featured SolarQuest® commercial energy monitoring system consists of utility grade metering equipment and a weather station linked to an industrial PC.

User displays include standard electrical data as specified above as well as financial data. Click image at right for example of real-time data expressed in $/kWh.

Typical Specification:

  • Veris H8000 Series Enercept kW (real power) transducers
  • Obvius Data Logger
  • Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station
  • Industrial PC with internet connection
  • SolarQuest® online data display package

Please call for quotation based on site survey

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