SolarQuest® Institute for Renewable Energy

Photos of our solar powered telecenter
at SQuIRE in Santa Cruz, California.

Solar System

John Nolan, Central Coating Company, inspects the 1.3 kW solar system installed on the roof of our office building.

Inverter, Battery Box, Electrical Distribution

Rick Longinotti installing the distribution panel under the inverter in our server room. On the right is the battery backup box. In a recent test, the batteries provided electricity for 16 hours when we turned off the solar system. The grid was set to switch back on when the low voltage set point for the batteries was reached.

VSAT (Two-Way Satellite Dish) Connection to the Internet

Rick Newman of Taylor Vision installing the satellite dish on the roof of our office building directly above our server room.

Wireless Local Connection

The wireless antenna on the roof of our office (next to the satellite dish) links to the antenna hanging out the window at Kal's house over on beach hill. There's an unobstructed line-of-sight between the two locations. Tapping the office's connectivity, Kal has T-1 level of service at his home.

Energy Monitoring

Alfonso Tovar installing 1 kw power hub at Squire Lab.

Weather Monitoring

Robert Prater in front of the weather monitoring station on the roof of our office building.